Drunk Naked Pirates

Based out of the Washington DC tri-state area, Drunk Naked Pirates is a high-energy dance rock band that offers a fresh live performance experience.

DNP offers a great entertaining show, performing music that ranges from the 60's to the most current of songs with a focus on party and dance music.

  • Jason Perry


    Jason Perry
    VOX, Guitar, Harmonica

    As lead vocalist, Jason Perry offers his original vocal and guitar styles to DNP. With over 15 years of experience, this native Canadian's unique approach, style and performance make him a leader among leaders, a true captain. It has been said of him that not one shall tire from witnessing his performance. He is also occasionally caught sight of on stage with 4 On the Floor an acoustic quartet that performs in the tri-state area or on any random street corner sharing is talent for spare change.

  • Dave Millison


    Dave Millison

    Dave started playing drums at 13 yrs old and started playing local bars at 16. Honing his skills with such local bands, High Strung, Outrage, Plan B and Stoked. His attention to detail and clock-like timing and tempo will surely impress. Now Dave brings his Thunder to the deck with the Drunk Naked Pirates. "The cannons are now loaded"!!!!!!!

  • Mike Loss


    Mike Loss
    Guitar, VOX

    A native of the Frederick area and the original Drunk Naked Pirate, Mike brings years of stage, recording, instruction and entertainment experience to DNP. Mike is now looting booty with DNP with his dynamic and edgy style that is unique to him. He always compares playing guitar and performing to the ultimate stimulant! This pirate will make ya want to fire yer cannons straight in the air.

  • Chris Larkin


    Chris Larkin
    Bass, VOX

    Chris is a Frederick born musician who has enjoyed holding the bottom down for various music groups for over 30 years. When he was in his twenties he played with Tryx; a 50’s, 60’s & 70’s Show band. After taking a hiatus for over 15 years from playing semi-professionally, he decided to venture back onto the high seas of the music world. He has stepped aboard the gnarly boat of the DNP. With Blunder-Bass in hand and a mighty fine groove to boot, he is sure to grab your attention with his solid timing and energetic style of playing, the Ship is a rumblin’.

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